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Popilush Bluetag: Coding Down for Summer

When we talk about summer there is always that doubt about what types of clothes to choose and also what materials, but did you know that if the material absorbs humidity from the environment you can wear the ones that catch your attention the most and without worrying if they have sleeves? long? So, if you didn't know, today we're going to see several proposals ranging from the shortest to the longest with the Popilush bluetag.

Which materials to choose for shapewear to be more refreshing?

Choosing the right materials for shapewear is essential to ensure it is refreshing and comfortable, especially during hotter days. In this case you may be opting in the selection of blue tag clothing for cotton, which has natural properties and is breathable and absorbent.


Nylon with elastane is also another choice as it is light, elastic and durable. And it is known for its ability to absorb less moisture, while elastane provides flexibility and a comfortable fit.

Microfiber is another excellent choice as they are thin fabrics that are extremely light, soft to the touch and offer excellent breathability. Plus, microfiber also dries quickly, which helps keep your skin cool.

Modal is a fiber derived from wood pulp and is therefore known for its softness, breathability and ability to absorb 50% more moisture than cotton, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.

What are the most wonderful shapewear dresses for summer?

After you have chosen the material that will help you in this regard, thinking about the types of shapewear dresses is important. In summer, it is essential to choose shapewear dresses that not only offer the desired shape, but are also light, breathable and comfortable. Here are some of the best shapewear dresses that are ideal for hot weather.

For summer, choosing shapewear dresses that offer lightness, breathability and comfort is essential. Here are some of the best shapewear dresses for summer that meet these criteria and still offer excellent support and shaping:


Cotton dresses and linen dresses are our first option and can be found in different styles and sizes, ranging from longer to midi. And because they allow the absorption of humidity from the environment, they are great choices for the summer.

If you like knitted dresses, you can even wear them as long as they are light knits, such as viscose or jersey, which offer comfort and flexibility, as well as being great for hot weather. Fluid dresses that are new arrival shaper dress, loose and fluid styles, such as ruffled or boho style dresses, are perfect for summer, as they do not stick to the body and allow air circulation.

Spaghetti straps or strapless dresses are great for maximizing your skin's exposure to air, helping to keep you cool. However, if you are in doubt, midi and long dresses, especially those with light fabrics, can protect your skin from the sun, while keeping you cool. Look for models with slits or wide skirts for better ventilation.

In addition to being the look of summer, floral prints can be found in light and fresh fabrics, perfect for the season and opting for this model can bring you an even new, looser style for your look.

We also have the gypsy style, which with exposed shoulders is a great option to stay fresh and stylish. In addition to this type, dress models with strategic cut-outs can provide extra ventilation and a modern touch to the look.

So look for the dress that best suits your style and wear it for the summer.

What are the ideal bodysuits for summer?

For summer, it's important to choose bodysuits and jumpsuits that are comfortable, cool and made from lightweight, breathable materials. However, you also need to think about what you like most about your style.


Therefore, choose bodysuits with thin straps or without straps, as they help keep the body cooler by exposing more skin to the air. The lace details offered by some types of bodysuits can provide extra ventilation and add a touch of elegance to the look.

And also prefer those with strategic cut-outs, as they allow additional ventilation, keeping you cool and stylish.

Regarding jumpsuits, always remember the composition and material, as well as thinking about the issue of movement. Models with wide, loose legs allow better air circulation and prevent the fabric from sticking to the skin.

However, shorter versions, called rompers, are great for staying cool, especially during outdoor activities. Just like bodysuits, lightweight knit jumpsuits are comfortable and flexible, ideal for hot weather.

Also think about plunging necklines, so off-the-shoulder or strapless models help keep you cool by maximizing your skin's exposure to air. So with these tips you will have that essential summer with clothes like body shaping dress that will bring you, in addition to great comfort, greater flexibility in your looks.

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