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The Lost n The Miss..

Still loosing words..
Surely, the sad news makes my head bowing deeply..
Am I ready for that death calling..Am I ready to be left by someone who I love most?..did Salwaa ready..did Rinto I?

the best words n pray 4 now, is n only..
Innalillahi wainna ilaihirooji'uun..Allah SWT knows the best 4 all..
Allah SWT makes life best 4 whatever richnesses, in whatever poverties, in all of whatever possible words, conditions, situations..

Years ago, I can not accept my lost feeling.
I blamed everything..
Why not this..
Why not that..
Then, Allah SWT put me at my lowest positions ever in all of my life period..
[pray deeply, that there will be no the second time]
[4 hari sebelum Yudisium, Ketua Jurusan PBS memutuskan aku tidak berhak mengikuti Ujian IStimewa, untuk perbaiki 3 nilai D di Transkrip, sbg syarat sahnya aku mengikuti yudisium, dus Wisuda dengan gelar Spd..Pilihan yg ditawarkan hanya 2, menunggu Keputusan DO, atau tanda-tangani berkas pindah dan aku masih bisa berburu S1]
Till this sec, finally, I can accepted those difficult days..
IAllah, whatever the reason is, It wants to be happen, just like that..
And its not that death..
{Kematian yang menghentikan segala duniawimu..Kematian yang putuskan segala komunikasimu dengan apapun yg 'bicara'..]
I do still alive..
n Alhamdulillah, could forgive my self, n all of thats decision's circle..

Back to todays loss n miss..
Be good Inong..Kept smiling there..Zidan n Syifa will always be ur beautiful n cheers children..

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  1. My deeper condolences for your lost on your good and best friend, she had a beautiful and better place right now above there, beside her creator

  2. thanks say..

    YMan dunk.
    Prutku gi mlilit ni..
    Biar sembuh, kali minta diwakili liwat pisuh2an :D

    Pdhal, pagi tadi n rest siang dah yg pisuh2an ma Rinto:D


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