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My Seven, 7 N Seven..

Seems that I wanna change my lucky no?
Surely not..No other no could be so special than 8 n 4..

Just wanna write some little flasback on my 777 visitors on my blog, especially at myidol88, coz, I do have another on MP, other blogspot [zalwa412], geocities, FS blog [especially poetry--kalo gak salah siy], and also 360o of Yahoo..

*making morning tea for my fellow workers 4 10 mnts*

I know this blog by self-browsing..
U know, having been ifo my pc, all day 4 9 hours, all weeks n all my working time..
Boz has his own job n browse n only ask something while he was no bussy..
N that moment were only taking me bussy for some hours, some day..
Too many times with one mouse n unlimited acces..

Asking friends, what was the meaning of this n that, comparing that template to this, n some few months later, alhamdulillah could little bit understand what was the meaning of #FFFFF, or with no #887565, given the / on the link, putting some good pic on url, n bla-bla, tek-etek-etek...

In one side, I do have some reading on computer's mag'..Try hard to understand what was the internet spy's means, bluetooth, n finally, dunno the relation with my acces to this n that :D
All were on my boz skills n my fellow IT's workers..
All I have done were making all that free offer of this n that, put them on my blog template n make myself happy as much as possible :D

That is how this blog making process n could possibly be change whenever I want it to..

Thanks to be my Seven, 7 n Seven visitors..
Wish u all enjoy my ridiculous English [I do this writing in ENglish, in case of maintain my vocab, try hard to have a good structure n grammatical writing, n 4 sure, ensure all my words spell..--walo nyadar, banyakan maksanya :D]

Thank You = Matur Tampiasih [Sasak] = Matur Nuwun Sanget [Semarang] = Terima KAsih [Ina] = Mer Ci [keknya Prancis] = Xie Xie [Mandarin] = Arigatou Gozaimasu [Jepun]= Thanks Broer [kata temen Rinto] = Trims [gaul ni yauw]..
*di-edit stelah dikasi tau Reth, thanks say..*

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  1. Weleh...ngomong apa seh bun, ndak ngertos aku, jangan pake bahasa bule napa, aku kan ndak smart in english, i'm the stupidest person in english term, so please dont talk in english yak *tuk..tuk..tuk* ekekekekekekk ^^

    kalo kata orang cina Xie2 (bukan Cie2), kalo kata orang jepang arigatou gozaimasu (bukan gozaimatsa) hihihihi (pikire Bunda, halah Retha iki pancen cerewet koq, protes wae.. =p )

  2. Ra popo [kata Salwaa]..

    Pan gi ajar mboso :P

    Thanks Yah


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