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Why do I Iike blogging?

Making the network for sure..

when deciding to join any milist, the first idea is making and opening a market, especially for Baby Book. then, my office expand many other product, but still a mother--woman's-stuff. besides, I do need any mother-things a working mother, mother who is separate to her child, a nyu kamer wife, such little thing that make me join n stay in a milist.

today, my boz asked me,"Why do u like blogging?".

still doing routine office job, I give him my simplest answer,"Making friend Pak".
n if He wants me to give some more complex explanations, I do ready for that.

for my reply, my boz grunned,"If that blogging not make u tired, its okay then.."

*thanks Boz--just say it in my hearts*

now Pall, wanna buy one of my office products?
just feel free to visit;
* [u can buy n sell ur e-gold here...dont forget to say hi to my boz, tell him, its me who informed u bout his site :D]
* [this is my referal url..besides my monthly fee, I have rite to accept 15% bonus on every Baby Books selling from my url..wanna have ur own? buy one first at mine :P]
* [Indotext is web sms, where u can sending ur sms by web. u type ur word by kibod [not HP kipad]n sending them by clicking ur mouse..

*ishoma sik yo*--nyambungnya pas Rabu sore :D

Nha! kalo yg enni, url kumpulan smua bidang usaha dikantorku..kl mo ngliatnya enak, kompinya kudu ada flash playernya nunggu si launching..Gila! Apdet situsnya dah mo 2 taun! Coz, situs satu ini juga ada url referal..Mayan, dapet 7.5%..palagi kl yg diambil yg ISP, wuiiii, 7.5% nombokin bener budget bulananku :)

Yah, shortly, bener2 gak ada ruginya nge-blogging.
Temen bisa dari sluruh plosok dunia {negri mah keccelllllll :P]
Kalo ada rezeki umur dan duit, tinggal kontak aja temen2 blogger, janjian kopdaran, dan pyar! [hihi..] masalah guide dan alamat jadi keccelllllllll [hehe, ini siy Nanik ngenteng2i niy :)]

Stoju gak all?

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