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Let Me On This..

*Marriage, as long as I could..*

Hurting Words..Must be many of us have heard some of them..

The differences were only how we manage our feeling while heard the words..

Kept Silent or bursting out the same hurting words..

This month, I have my own healing of having heard these one ,"Apapun alasan kamu, semua yang kamu omongin sama saja seperti kamu ngelempar tai ke muka kamu sendiri.."

Well, I was so surprised at that time, that I was not reacted any emotion or something.. Those words remain in my mind, could only tell bout the other side of why She said that to me..

Still felt little hurt this sec, but yeah, life just still go on..
Whenever I crying loudly like naughty boy baby, She have said that, and my both ear have heard, my heart knows n my mind memorizing them..
We do have apologize each other when ended the meeting..but the hurt will stay much longer than what we expect bothly..just can feel it, deep in my heart..

So sorry sis, can not follow what you are think right.. I have my own sight n values of life..just do your own, n let me do mine..

Will always pray for your family goodness, your own happiness..
N if you not doing the same as I did, free then..

*pray n hope, nice dream to those with divorce parents*

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