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My Bluest ST This Year..

Have had read about What Ur ST for Now?..
Me myself, still have two ST this year..ST that makes me so sad n hopeless coz it was all about Salwaa..

The first song is My Heart, written by Melly Goeslaw..Salwaa really like this song and can sing the song completely..[hiks, ngetiknya aja mata dah ngaca2 :((]
I do realize, song is only a song..But dont know how can that song makes my heart so blue n sad..
Whenever have had time along with Salwaa, we often sing the song together..
Could be because of the reflecting my feeling on Salwaa's presence..Conditions that makes us have to be live separately n only meet on weekend,
make us really want to make the meeting precious, happy always n lot of fun..
Even Salwaa dont want to eat anything or sleep only to have much more time with me [whuaaa, dah mo nangis beneran..]

(lol) So naif huh..

The second is Nijdi's song, Sudah..
Noted some of the lyrics..

"jangan paksakan kita untuk terus bersama..."

"jangan paksakan kita untuk tetap mencinta.."

So wondering, how could Salwaa likes such song with such lyrics?
Does She felt the same feeling as same as I do?
Miss her daily, miss her every nite, every morning?

Hopely, at the end of this year, SHe could get new ST, at least, the more fun song with happy lyrics..
Mmm, what song could be the example?

Only remember Im the survival from Destiny's Child :D

Below was the complete lyrics of the song,:

I Like This Song

Salahkah aku

Jangan paksakan kita untuk
Slalu bersama
Jangan paksakan kita untuk
Slalu mencinta

Salahkah aku

Bila kita harus berpisah, sudah
Biarkan ini semua berakhir, sudah
Cinta memang tak harus milikki

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  1. ST itu opo seh bund?

  2. ~reth~ : ST tuh SoundTrack hani...SoundTrack...
    Pan, toilet training aja butuh ST..
    pa lagi kalo gi nge-blues genneeeeee :P


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