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Where is my hubby?

Jobless for almost one month, its been so wonderful that we can still hang on at our relationship. Its my hubby who is jobless for sure. His choice of not hunting permanent job within these five years were now affect his passion of getting any other permanent job.
Can not focus on what i am going to write..Winds blew so hard and dark cloudy..IAllah, nothing bad will happen..
He he...Lost focus but have to finish this write however.
It has been almost two months jobless now. However, I have already ask some of my online friends about any possible position which was needed a new worker.
Sure these conditions makes both of us thinks hard daily. Alhamdulillah, that we can still take the positive side. Since Salwaa have to be along with us, because of my ma in law have a job to do, then Salwaa have no other than us to accompanying her.
It has been three weeks spent with Salwaa now. She evenly reject her Bude ask of wanting her back to Pring Kurung. Seems that Salwaa now notice, who were her real parents already. Though Mama Ari [my ma in law] really loves her, it will always different with the love of our own parents, are'nt they?
Ah, forgot the tittle I have taken...
At the nite before I start writing this one, again, I dream about my own position and life. Still its background at my childhood home-town, Selong, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Again I felt so happy in the beginning of the dream. But in the midlle, I come to a state that I supposed to be a wife of some one. Then I come to a question,"Who will be that some one? Is him one of my childhood friend?"
I was so confuse that although I was already wake up, I do still thinking about it.
Then I saw mas Rinto laying beside me. Then, I was totally awake," Aha, this man should be my hubby. how could i still forget about it?..."
Well, actually, it may be because mas Rinto was not one of my grew up friends.
I have known him only for these latest 5 years. And I know him at my 27th years old. My minds looks like need much more time to remembering me that He do and was my hubby.
Hopefully, these dream was the last one. I love mas Rinto, trying hard to keep that feeling day by day and make him as my only and ever lasted husband.
Amin Robbul Amin.

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