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Andrea, Ikal and the Rainbow Warriors

Review Laskar Pelangi, a novel by Andrea Hirata
(Published 2005 by Bentang Pustaka, 529 pages)

I read Laskar Pelangi, long time after I have read  another Andrea's book, 'Sirkus Pohon'. Afterall, both of the book, impress me in their own unique ways.

My world heaven at Madrasah Alam Sayang Ibu library. Dokpri

At Laskar Pelangi, it was so touchy how Andrea could tell stories about him self, his childhood best memories -- along with his other 9 friends, and become a best seller book. It was even translated into 50 other different languages (50 countries) all over the world.

Rainbow Warriors was about 10 new pupils of Muhammadiyah elementary and yunior high school, at Gantung village. A small village at the north side of Belitong island, Riau's Island province, Indonesia.

This school was so poor and threat to be close if there were no 10 new students attend at that time. These 10 students, one of them is Ikal, there for save the school and the stories of the book starts from this day.

The other two main character of the book whom also related to the school, the school principal Mr Harfan and the only one teacher (who also Mr Harfan relatives, Mrs Muslimah). It was Mrs Muslimah (Bu Mus) whom give the 10 kids as Rainbow Warriors, since they were so in love with the enjoying time of seeing rainbow most of their daily time. Later on, Andrea stated in many events, rainbow was the symbol of his big dream.

The Rainbow Warriors

9 other students beside Ikal, there are Trapani who describe as having Oedipus Complex, Lintang who never miss any class and the most clever students, Mahar the artist, Sahara the one and only girl, A Kiong a Chinese descent whom always fight with Sahara but then at the end they become couples, Borek the gym man, Syahdan whom witnessed Ikal fall in love moment to A Ling, Kucai the class leader and Harun the mental retardation but the one who complete them as to 10 students.

Using Ikal point of view, the book tells us stories about all the 10 students daily life. Each of them made as one chapter, though most of them were related to Ikal. Details about other characters as well. For example, about A Ling, also a Chinese descent, store keeper, tall and beautiful girl whom Ikal fall in love at first sight (not her face, but from her beautiful nails). There was also Flo, a students of modern and rich school of Belitong, whom fall in love to Rainbow Warriors school, and asked her father (the modern and rich school principal) to move her to Muhammadiyah school.

Pizza Before Bed (PBB) moment at MSI. Dokpri

Many more extra character whom gave Ikal (Andrea Hirata) wonderful childhood memories.

I love Laskar Pelangi and Sirkus Pohon for its absurdity?

I was a fast reader. In terms of capturing the main idea of Laskar Pelangi, I was finish read the book in one day. Sirkus Pohon as well. Each were 385 pages, and 125 pages of Sirkus Pohon at PDF file and lot more at its printed book. 

Here were some similarities I found from those two books:

1. I fall in love into Andrea's dreaming world. He write down so well, about most people fantasies, every night over thinking time and those whom love read stories. 

2. Andrea's sense of humor lied at most of the line as well.  Especially at Laskar Pelangi, there was time I laugh so hard, in tears after having so touchy moment, somewhere in the book.

3. Along with Laskar Pelangi and Sirkus Pohon, Andrea always succes to make stories based on real daily life stories. It was little bit difficult for me or most of other novel I have read so far, for making a daily life into attractive stories. More over, a novel.

4. I also love Andrea's way of telling the background in details. Both of Laskar Pelangi and Sirkus Pohon, I can imagining well about the location of Muhammadiyah school, the  circus complex and so on.

Although I able to write down until 10 lists of why I love Laskar Pelangi -- and Sirkus Pohon, I prefer to let you all read them by yourself. And then, found out your own ecstasy.

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  1. Bunsal, your review make me wanna read the 'Sirkus Pohon'
    I'ven just read Trilogy of Lastar Pelangi. It's owesome to be translated to 50 languages

  2. remind me for a long years ago when i was read for the first time andrea's book Laskar Pelangi, and until now always be favorites book!

  3. I've ever read Laskar Pelangi. I've also watcher the movie. I think both the book and the movie is very good art.

    However, i haven't read Sirkus Pohon yet. But after reading your post, I think I should find and read the book. Andrea Hirata is one of best writers in Indonesia. The books are so fabulous. There are lot of things that we can learn from his books.

  4. I haven't read sirkus pohon yet but i do agree that Andrea Hirata is a great writter. I love the way he always vividly explain the setting and the characters so it is easy for us to to imagine or even build the story in our mind

  5. Sirkus Pohon yang nulis juga Andrea Hirata, mba?
    Aku belum baca buku Sirkus Pohon, sejak yang terakhir aku baca itu Maryamah Karpov. Buku Andrea setelah itu nggak baca lagi

  6. Saya belum baca keduanya mbak, baik Laskar Pelangi maupun Sirkus Pohon. Kalau film Laskar Pelangi tahu.

    Biasanya jika sebuah novel diangkat ke film, maka versi novelnya pasti lebih detil dan bagus dibanding filmnya. Karena durasi film sangat terbatas sehingga tidak bisa merangkum semua isi novel, hanya garis besarnya saja. Mungkin yaa.

    Nah jika film Laskar Pelangi aja bagus banget, pasti membaca novelnya lebih menakjubkan yaa. Pasti lebih detil, apalagi ketika menggambarkan kecantikan Belitong.

    Andrea Hirata memang keren, semua karyanya bagus. Berharap suatu saat bisa membaca Laskar Pelangi dan Sirkus Pohon :)

  7. Wow,, you can finis read a novel in a day.

    Laskar Pelangi also one of my fave book. I agree with you about how Andrea Hirata write the details about his childhood. I even came to Belitung years after reading this book.

  8. I am not a big fan of Andrea Hirata, hihihi... Laskar Pelangi is the only book i had read, and its because of the movie. Maybe its just not my cup of tea eventough AH wrote goodstories too

  9. Jujur aja, aku tuh ngikutin review buku-buku Andrea Hirata tapi sama sekali belum pernah baca hahaha.. kudet banget ya diriku. Hebat loh padahal Andrea ini, bukunya sampai diterjemahkan ke berbagai bahasa gitu ya.

  10. Dulu waktu ke Belitong sempet ke SDnya Laskar Pelangi juga. Keren ya berawal dari sebuah buku, jadi tempat wisata yang happening.


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