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A Half Day With Uya', Nailah n Zalwa

Sunday Morning, 20th Nov. A misty cold morning, even at the hot Kanfer weather. I should leave in rush. Pak De was came over to told granma bout can not companying her at the previous plan. A free trasnport for me then...
Zalwa welcoming me in her glorius laugh. Oh, honey, how I love n miss u so. After a usual report from Zalwa' grandma. there's a call coming in at her phone.
"She's here, talk to her directly",..thats what I heared from the short conversation...
It was Uya"!!! She was at Semarang for almost three days and asked for a possibly meeting. As I mentioned at the previous posted, I assured her to come and meether with a scream of happines and surprise.
One hour and a half, finally Zalwa and I entered the Ciputra Hotel Lobby. There was Nailah, buat I still not sure coz not saw Uya' around. It was because I was not so customed with Uya' parents in law also. In minutes I asked the bar waitress nearby, and finally met Uya' who just want to leave soonly to company her fatherin law to airport.
No huge, coz all were in hurry. Just a small talk, as if the meeting just like the other usual meeting, like years before I always done with her at campus.
The next talk continued at the car. And there it was. Only a half day. So like a strike.
At the last of the meeting, she huge me then. Also Nailah. And Nailah to Zalwa. Zalwa so noisy with her new words.
Wish there is still another meeting...Insyaallah....

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