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Afteral, My Angelic Zalwa can Speaks

naik Mama, naik....thats what she said while we went to her Bude's house. The position already up of a small hills that we have to climb through a small path. Or....Naik peda Mama, peda...Once when she wants to ride on her small bycicle and round at the complex.....
Only one thing that I can not allowed her will. Taking the mobile phone with her, though She always scream and crying for that. She do well firstly...talked as if She talked to her father and called ...Bapak, halo? Bapak?....after some minutes, She will get bored and when I asked her to give back the phone, She will threw it up, instead of giving it to my hand politely. Well, that point that I want to deny....[hehe, gak nemu diotak untuk bahasa 'mencegah'...]

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