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How Many Personal URL do u have?

:-) What a question...
Since it was so easy to have various personal URL on these 'Making ur Free Accounts' offer from many famous sites.
Just mention it, n those who have free connection will tel you, at least 2, their Free Personal Sites.
Google? You can make your own free on its Geocities [:-) I was already forget mine...]
The Google Adsense, for those who can be patient on all of they connecting time, ever second, every hour, every day and in short, in all their life time...:-)
[All I remembered from my Google Ads, I have got already about US$80....wew!]
Yahoo? Huh, I must be not the rite person to tell u...
Blog? Even in Semarang, there will be a formal meeting supported by the Telkomsel...Wow! For that free n self-learning things?
Huuuhuuuu, wish that I can be that paid speaker on the meeting :-(
Friendster...I got a very debatbale thought about this one...I think, the circle of the FS was much more complex than the Narcotics Mafia Circle. At FS World, this real worlds looks as a small dot on your well painted wall.
Well, this is just a very short writing, preparing the next busy week. Wish on the next Saturday, I can always have a writing, how ever short it is.
Mmmmmmm, remembering my old [halah, 'kbiasaan' inglishnye ape ye?], I remember it! My routinity...Writing Zalwa's progress in everything, ups, my own feeling n words about Zalwa, exactly....Have not do it for almost 3 months. dunno where was my words go. Hope them back in this weekend [since I can spend it along with Zalwa].
CUL on other words and share...

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