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One Day Off from Mailist Activities.

Felt lonely? Surprisingly, at this sec, I am not get into that feeling. My exact feeling is, this is the day to writing on everything that should be writing days ago before.
I feel confuse, otherwise. Which theme will be the big theme?
Zalwa? Or what?
Well, lets start with Zalwa, then.
Her speak ability became fluent day by day.
Its okay now to have a simple conversation with her.
Read books together, though She was not able to read yet.
Thus, singing a song together.

My new activities, whenever I spend my weekend with her, is awaiting her new phrase or new sentences compositions. Imitating? Yes, She's so good on it.
Dictate? Sure. Especially when She asks something from me or her father, and her demand not please as soon as She wants to."Mama! I want my milk!", She urged and spell her words.

Could not stop while start writing about Zalwa.
Lets step to something else.[:-), still can not figure out the theme]

Oia, my cough. This week, my mind set was down. Need to cry it out. Alhamdulillah that there is still my accepting n understanding hubby. He hugged me tenderly n filling in new spirit n hope, that I will always can face this world with its exams. Thus, the most big exam, living separately with Zalwa which is still live with n at her grandma's.

The dry season also affect my body. With the dropped mind set, my body's immune seems so freak n weak. Its only need 2 days for the cough virus entering my body. Well, the virus became strengthen since I can not stop my self of eating oily junk food [u know, 'that' 'tahu susur'].
Then here I am, get to work with cough [alhamdulillah, without its best friend, 'cold']. Must drink at least 10 cup of drinking water ['beser je'] at my working hours. And 4 more other mug of hot tea at home.
Ugh, hope its finish on these 2/3 days. Amin n insyaallah.

Ups, almost forget bout the 'accident' that make me off from my daily inet activities.
First, it was my office server connection. Boz said, there was something that intervere my office connection. I still can connect to his PC[bluetooth connection], but can not acces the inet.
Second, early in the morning, my own PC have had memory troubles [dunno, whether its VGA or what, none of my life things :-)]. Only have one moment to sent Uci email which is contain the PESAT data [hope it sent succesfully, Amin.] And again, my PC got the same problem. And again, my tehnician should solve the problem. Alhamdulillah, this second PC's drop only takes minutes to be solved. But then, the first reason still make me can not connect to the inet. Seems it will be for this all day.

Ugh, still 2.24 pm. Need to wait almost 3 hours to be at home. Today is so hot, that my cough felt severe. Wish I dont need any medicine 4 this. This sec, felt that I really need a very long n good sleep. Hope I can have it to nite.

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