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Room On My Own Words..

These latest days, have thinking bout many unwritten words on my mind..

Tough that gotta have make special room for them..

The past, the present, the future of my own..

Not bout Salwaa, nor her father, not anyone, completely bout my self..

Choose This Cover as the home..

Still can not make the link from here..Some additional here n there, great moment of writing n re-collecting my old stuff, on poets or stories..

This time, I am drowning myself on my bad habit..drowning on my blue un-trust to everything n everyone..alhamdulillah that I do grew up bluest my feeling was, still can show that standard smile to the neighboorhood, go and do some annual office works..all left were only my words on n about everything..
should have writeng them all somewhere..

Wake up, time for blue..
Back to your existence..back to your daughter, back to your hubby..

My words, lean me back, then, to wherever n whenever I should be..

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