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My Wednesday

Alhamdulillah, Salwaa tuambah ramping :P [nyelimurke getun anak e kuru :D]
Walo tiep ta gendong, berat 14 kg masih lumayan menggih2 ke ambek an.
Eniwe, iki dino ke papat aku nggo krudung nang kantor.
There is no too many question about it, since I ve got my own key words in answering any possible question. "Iam only turn back to my own place"...
Yea...3 years ago, I ve already wearing veil at may daily acitivities. And its been 8 years totally. Started it at about May 1995, and take it off at around my wedding day, July 2004.
Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT make it easier for me, my hubby and my neighboorhood, thus my bos and fellow worker at the office.

Nha! Wis lah nggo cas-cus-ces. Ngoko nan neh ae wis...
Eia, lubang idung kiriku gek bocor. Lendir e sak karepe dhewe. Encer he eh, kentel yo he eh. Nggilani men...Hiks.
Mugo2 ra tekan pindah ning lubang sing kanan. Pesek ngene, meh ambek an nggo opo yen lubang idung loro2ne mampet.

I almos forgot, these weeks was one of the hardest one. April suppose to be the gloriuos month. At one of its date, my angelic Salwaa was borned. But then, Ive got that sad news, exactly at the same time Iam asking the special gift for Salwaa from my big family there, at Selong, East Lombok. My father have sicked for two weeks and have been unconcious almost 4 days. Astagfirullah, how come...What were you are thinking about Pak. I am OK here, and surely your grand child will always OK. He was already at home now. But the sadnesses of thingking about him while still layed sicked at the hospital, still make me sad. I could only give and sent deep pray and big love from here. Hopefully, my father will always health and so does my big fam. Amin Robbul Amin
Dino iki, krudung putih mbe motif bunga2 biru plus pita, padu padan dg blazer hitam lengan pendek dan celana panjang hitam. Dekker item selengan nggo nutup tangan sing ra ketutupan blazer. Isih standar banget. Rung iso ngaku sbg jilbaber. Its only krudung-ers. Halah, ilat blepotan :P

Wis ah..Njogok tisu neh. Lubang kiri mulai mampet neh kii.

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  1. wedewwww...posting pke bhasa semarang yg belepotan..hehhehehe..lucu2.....
    btw,mana foto pke jilabanya....mana..??mana..???huuuuuu

  2. bun, pake kerudung dulu nanti lama2 kan akhirnya berjilbab juga :)

  3. >> Mas Firmansyah :P :
    Iya ni Mas. Gian, sudah tau gak punya kamera, malah nanya2 foto. Gih, aku jadiin model foto Lomba Kartini..:-)

    >> Maya : Iya. Matur suwun buat supportnya yaa...Ill come by on your blog then...CU


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