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Salwaa's Fave Number

Is Nine [9]...dont know how She can choose that number.
Her birthday is 28. If we have to do an addition, the number will be 10. Her birth-month is 4.

I can say this, as anytime I asked her about certain things amount, She always spelled out, "Sembilan Bunda!" Even if there is only one bird or flower or ants :P
Sure I have to asked her again to counting it correctly and repet it slowly.

Well, the number is still close to my fave one anyway. And also close to 10, on eof the perfect/highest number in certain marking things.
Other side, She was mumbling two fave lyrics words. Mati karenamuuuu..
I have find out that those two words were taken from such a boy bands songs, and stated as her father's song by Salwaa :D

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  1. "...Mati karenamu"
    Lagu sapa sih itu Bund??

    Kalo aku si angka favorit 8, soalnya 8 tuh sempurna, hehehe

  2. 2 Reth Badung : he he, ternyata salah satu lagu ADA Band dari album Rhapsody [kl g salah :P]. Tiep inget, Salwaa ngotot bilang,"Lagunya Ayah!" He he.

    Wah, sama dunk Cantik. Aku fave-nya ya Angka 8. Secara lahir tgl 8 bulan 8. :)


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