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Loenpia, The Big Blogger Community Going To Be

At Semarang for sure, and hopefully at the world, in the future. Is it important to be one of the world biggest community in the world then? Why not? Semarang is the capital of Central Java Province. Plural town with many different cultures, ethnics, and religions. The plurality makes the various interesting place to visit. The georgeous mosque, Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah. Many beautiful viharas, Watu Gong and Pudak Payung. The classic church, Blenduk and Randusari Chatedral Church. Not to mention, many ancient buildings, most were the leaving of the colonial era.

And what is Loenpia? Loenpia was founded at October 15th 2005 as the Semarang blogger community. Yes it was a local community. Otherwise, it stories, news, topics and opinions spread all over the world through out its blog. At as this community central cyber home, you can find many other beautiful, inspiring, informative and many deepest writings in its members blogs. The ITs worlds, hobbies, opinions and many other specific writings.

Loenpia was now 3 years old. Compare to human, it was an age of a toddler. An age of having much more fun experiences. Running faster. Speaking much more fluent. And make much more contacts to the environment. Hopefully, Loenpia is at that stage. At its 3, Loenpia could growing fast. Speak out about many things louder, and have contacts to any other community [congratulation to Loenpia-Jakarta which is have had joyfully meeting with other communities]. All were not an impossible things to reach. In the future, surely.

As blogger community, Loenpia has a mailist also for their members. You can subscribe to this mailist at . It is now has 750es members, spread all over the world. At Semarang mostly anda some members at some countries sucah as Singapore and Japan. Although the mailist is not for public [once you subscribe, you should waiting for the administrator to approve your membership request], its activity was really high. You should join with gmail account, in order to receive hundreds of email subject in a day! Yes, it is highly reccomended! Even some whose used yahoo must be ask for unsubscribe at their third day at sem[b]rangan mailist :D

Me myself, joined Loenpia at its 1st birthday anniversary, October 15th 2006. There were many warm and happy moment spent

during my two years with Loenpia. Those warm and happy moment were always repeated at each moment over its three years old existence. Though I am not always come in any Loenpias activities, I still could feel be there through its report at its blog. Anytime, anywhere.

Plenty usefull activities can be said over Loenpias 3 years old. Orphan social visit and fund at the early of 2008. A continued books donor, co operative with another similar groups project, to some rural independent libraries. The mangrove reboisation and some blogs training. Each member must be really proud to be the part of each activities, or in general, to claim themselves as the Loenpias members :)

In this writing, I could only give simple gift for Loenpias 3rd birthday. A deep pray for its exists to the last time of the world. A deep pray that Loenpia will always share many other warm, happy and joyfully activities to its members. And also share many good stories, many good places information in and about Semarang to all over the world. This time and at the future.

Happy birthday Loenpia. May you always be my warmest family. As the logo at the beginning of this writing, --Loenpia, warm deeply into your heart.

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  1. keren bun tulisannya

  2. duh, kok english bun?

  3. iya keren tulisannya.

    *telp niff, artinya apa tho?

  4. durung moco wis mumet sik.... :))


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