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Loenpia Fourth BDay-Ngeri Tok Nda!

4 years ago, at the exactly same date as today, was established by seven bloggers from Semarang.
What was the phrase of 'Ngeri Tok Nda!' means?

At the sem[b]arangan mailist, some says that at its 4 years, Loenpia was already have had done good things. Good for its member, good to its environment and its social network at Semarang.

The mailist itself already has over than 1000 members. Such a fantastic no for a blogger community.

The big question then, what should Loenpia do for its next 'growing up' years.

Shall it stays as general blogger community? Shall it expand as 'such a social charity's foundation' ? No one could answer. Not me, either.

We're all could find the answer, only by visiting its site regularly.

Many regular or incidental program were post simultaneously at its site.

Charities programm, internal annual Jamu evey weeks [every Friday Nite], or a happy 'gala-dinner' from those member who wants to celebrate their BDay..;p

As an annual gift, in its every year BDay celebration, some of the members give a special post at each of their blog.

Just like I do with my writing this afternoon.

Lastly, my wish, pray and love for Loenpia. I know the beautiful Semarang through you. I have the warmest people amongs you. And I will kept the biggest love n hug, only for you.

Loenpia, Ngeri Tok Nda!

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  1. bunsal, ncen ngeri thok nda... *hugh

  2. ngeri tok nda! cinta po ra? nek cinta ndi kado ne? wekekekkekeke

  3. @ Oes Tsnotc-as mbuh..Ampun Hars...Nggawe jeneng mumet pun!^_^
    Eniwe, thanks dah mampir ye..

    @ Jeng Wie...Yuk! Ndang merit to..Ndang praktek berjenis2 pelukan..;p

    @ Yessi..Lah, kii kadone wis ber pirang-pirang kata...Nganti nyekeli sira kuwi nulise..;p

  4. how do ya say 'ngeri thok ndha' in english bun?

    its just sooooo scary man....!

    halah, ngeri tenan malahan :D


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