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Here's How Being Happy Without Money

October almost reach’s its third week. Yet the weather and the blossoms seen everywhere feels like it is still in September. The gray clouds cover the sky all day. This condition makes me always bring a raincoat, along with my other routine stuff as a blogger.
Gray days at all of the week, lately. Cred. IG @bunsal88
Most of my daily life is a little bit changing. Forgetting to bring a raincoat, means that I will have to take a risk of having to stop somewhere when the rain falls. This also takes me to do a lot more online activities. Usually, it might be just scrolling the timeline. Sometimes, I can even finish my latest deadline article.

Best Internet Provider To Support My Daily Life as Blogger

Forget the waiting-for-the-rain-to-stop moment. In a day, my routinity mostly jumps from one article to the next. Besides writing as a hobby, lately, my little family depends on its promising income. Most of all, managing time and the ecstasy for having finished another new article, were the all true happiness.
Now, what's next after having some money?
Foods, daily needs which mostly consume our monthly income. Cred. IG @bunsal88
Guess that any of you will fastly agree, whatsoever, having a large sum of money can almost guarantee many things. As for me, for sure I will install a trusted internet provider. Though only a blogger, my creative process includes photography and videography editing. This means, a stable, strong, a non-disturbed connection will be a must. Some conditions that would only be possible to provide by an Internet Fixed Broadband.

Afterall, Not Everything Can Be Buy With Money

After two years of pandemic, I realize that sometimes a large sum of money can not buy everything. There were many sad stories, where a rich family could not stop the Covid-19 virus from taking their lovely families.
There is a time, when at the peak of the pandemic crysis, everyone is struggling for only a chance or a bed at the hospital. No one accepted extra money, since – it was not about the prize, there was not enough bed nor rooms for the Covid patient. At that time, my daily life was about whether I would cry for another sad news or just try to be more relieved. Anyhow, every once a week, I really need time for only having a loud cry. Expressed my sympathy, as deep as my loss.
Hi there, Defi. Wish can meet you again, asap. Travel-bogger-a-day-mate :D. Bunsal88
This sad situation, make me come to a new understanding;
  1. Happiness or sadness, two kinds of feeling that can not be bought by money, at whatsoever large sum is. Being happy or sad does not depend on money. It depends on how you control your very own emotion.
  2. A charity can easily start whenever there is a will or when you just want to do it. Well, basically, this is one of an uncountless positive advicion in my religion. As a Moslem, a warm smile would count as one of the most simple charities. Means, no matter if you are rich or not, no money or with money, you can do charity just anytime. With this simple start, guess you will agree that my daily life is usually about having one single smile.
  3. True friendship was one that needed to be proven at two years of Covid-19 pandemic. True friend understands easily, when I can not visit her mother's funeral. True friends can accept many excuses for not accompanying them at their saddest time. Two examples that can not be bought by money. A tight bounding through so many years, many happiness, as much as many sadness. Exchanging news in these sad years, through the Internet Fixed Broadband. My family have been loyal customers of IndiHome, one of the homey internet services from the Telkom Group.
Above examples, just a few from many other ones. Some of which were understandable for any arguing statement. But I do believe there were some who did those as well.

Spreading Happiness Start Today

Finally, the new normal life trends are now happening. It will be just okay, whether you want to put on your mask or not. There is no longer the red cross stamp at many queue spots. Public bus station, public health services and many more.
A little bit of a funny situation for me is, the price of some Internet Provider data package, kind of back to normal. Well, as long as it comes with high quality services, it will not be a big problem, huh.
As for me, with a high load of online productivity, having a stable, strong and trusted internet provider will be a must. Especially when there is a tight deadline. There are so many files to be uploaded at one time. There are so many video raw materials that need to be edited into one single video, which will be uploaded into my personal channel, as soon as it's finished.
At last, the creative process of writing, photographing and videographing might be not only my daily life activities. Nowadays, there can be many other people with the same job. One thing that I can suggest, if you are that one person, apply yourself with a good Internet Provider or the best Internet Fixed Broadband. Trust me, it will help you a lot.
Now, since I have already uploaded this story for you, can I pack my bag? There is one destination waiting for me. The stories, the beautiful scenery, that I will write about in my next writing. Happy traveling ^^
Hi, you can call me Bunsal, despite of my full name at my main blog domain. A mom blogger based on Lombok, Indonesia. I do blogging since 2005 and lately using my new email and the domain, start on 2014.

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