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 Re-write from The Mint Article :
Nowadays, having children was should be arrange since couple plan their marriage. And one of the most important thing on this issue is, the children financial planning itself.
The upcoming question is, when will parents involved their children on their future financial planning.
Some experts say’s, there will be no earlier time for having our children financial planning. Even though, it will be much easier for parents. Any kind of insurance or unit link investment will be much smaller in its premi. For example, if you are starts as soon as the child birth day, you only have to pay Rp 100.000 monthly to gain some sum of about Rp 2.400.000 for a toddler entrance fee or as twice for the children playgroup entrance fee.
Parents could also involving children on the plan. Sometimes, when the children were ready to have socialized whether in their school environment or at the neighborhoods, there will be some effect from other children or other children family. For example, children start to know the value of money. We can let them involved into simple financial discussion or hearing parents discussion about managing family’s financial planning. And make this simple discussion continuously, and give some more information if children finally have some questions about it.
Another way is by giving example or act as role model for children. Never do an easy give up, for instance while having this kind of sentence, ‘We don’t really need this but..’. Do strict on the family financial monthly plan. Long term scheduled such as a yearly holidays and all its spent can be arrange too, then could make our children knows the value of each financial plan the family have made. Strict annual spent and long term useful or joyful spent such an aboard holiday. 
Those three steps could be perfect if parents able to ask the Financial Planner help. The Financial Planner can give you their best plan and suit the family’s income, thus help parents to choose the best investment model for the family’s financial risk profile. If the Financial Planner’s fee is out of family’s expendables, parents still can learn the knowledge from the book and CD package “"Hemat Bisa Miskin, Boros Pasti Kaya”, book written by Rina Dewi Lina, a financial planner with her latest 15 years experience. The COO of PT Fokus Financial is also give some practical  tips on choosing children education cost saving plan.  Three simple indicators for a fair and trusted insurance for our children education plan were, RBC (Risk Based Capital) is up from 120%, have synced system on its customer services to client (has accessable contacts, sms and call center) and browse on the most minimal complaint from client about the insurance services. 

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